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Vernon Hills - Fabric that Fits

Visitors to Loomcraft Fabric Outlet in Vernon Hills will find more than 300,000 yards of fabric in stock, all priced under $39.99 a yard. Loomcraft is one of six family-owned fabric stores across the country that are together one of the largest retailers of decorative fabrics and supplies in the U.S.

While shopping at Loomcraft might seem daunting at first, given the huge selection of fabric, the staff at Loomcraft make it easy by offering customized creation of drapery/window treatments, bedding, headboards, and other upholstery and slipcover services for the home.

“We are a one-stop-shop. You can come in anytime and we will work with you to find the perfect fabric for your home,” says Andrew Frankel, Loomcraft’s head of retail operations. “Then, we handle everything with our fantastic workrooms and you are all set.”

It may sometimes be a challenge for homeowners to envision the right fabric for drapery or bedding for the guestroom, but the staff at Loomcraft bring their expertise to you. They’ll come to your home with swatches and work with you to find just the right color and pattern. Measurements will be precise for customized drapery or other window treatments to be installed with care by Loomcraft professionals.

As spring approaches, the snow melts, and green grass starts to emerge, homeowners might be motivated to bring a fresh look to the living room, the bedroom or to the entire home. Perhaps some sunnier colors will brighten up the house and make visitors feel welcome. With Loomcraft’s unparalleled selection, there is sure to be something to liven up the house.

With over 30 years of serving Vernon Hills and Chicago’s north suburbs, Loomcraft is a key partner in the region’s business community.

“Whether you are an experienced interior designer or looking to redecorate your home for the first time, Loomcraft is Illinois’s must-stop-shop for every home decor project,” Frankel notes. “Loomcraft staff are trained and eager to help you design the home of your dreams.”

Loomcraft Fabric Outlet is located at 645 Lakeview Parkway in Vernon Hills, close to  the Vernon Hills Police Department, Open 7 days a week.

(847) 680-1119,