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Types of Linen Upholstery Fabrics for Your Next Project

Types of Linen Upholstery Fabrics for Your Next Project

Linen is an age-old fabric that people have used in upholstery for centuries. This natural, durable fabric comes in many varieties, so you have a lot of options if you want to use it for your next project. To help you choose the right linen for the job, take a look at the different types of linen upholstery fabrics and what each one has to offer.

European vs. American Linen

Most linen comes from European countries like Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, but other countries, like the US, grow flax for linen as well. Due to the prime environmental conditions in which flax is grown, European linen tends to break less easily, which makes it higher quality.

Weave Patterns

Aside from the source country of your linen, you also have the choice between various weave patterns. Damask, plain-woven, and sheeting linen are three common types of weaves. Damask is a delicate, embroidery-like linen that's commonly used as an accent. Plain-woven linen is plain but durable and great for household items like towels. Finally, sheeting linen is heavy, close-weave, and has no texture. It's ideal for seating and bedding.

Material Blends

Don't forget the various material blends available! Linen and rayon, linen and cotton, and linen and polyester are popular matchups. When mixed with rayon, linen gains a soft, subtle sheen that's great for adding glamor to clothes or furniture. Cotton gives linen softness and reduces its tendency to wrinkle. Lastly, adding polyester to linen reduces wrinkles and helps maintain the color.


Speaking of color, linen comes in dozens of options! You can get linen in any color of the rainbow, from fiery red to calming blue.

As you can see, there are countless types of linen upholstery fabrics to choose from! At the Fabric Outlet, we have all sorts of linen available for your project. Shop our linen upholstery fabric by the yard today. You'll have a blast looking at all the choices and customizing your linen to suit your needs.