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The 4 Benefits of Linen-Like Upholstery Fabric

The 4 Benefits of Linen-Like Upholstery Fabric

Linen is one of the oldest textiles around. In fact, some historians argue that linen was once a form of currency. Now it’s used for reupholstering and drapery. As classic as it is, there are a few disadvantages to using 100% linen material. Incorporating linen-like fabric is more beneficial because you get the look of linen without the drawbacks.

Less Wrinkly

Linen creases very easily. Even the slightest touch can put a bend in the fabric that’s challenging to remove. Linen-blend materials don’t have this problem. Linen-like fabrics have more wearability, so you can get up from the sofa without wrinkling the fabric.

Won’t Fade

Another benefit of linen-like upholstery fabric is that it won’t fade in the sunlight. 100% linen material will be affected by sunlight exposure. Linen blends, however, retain their color longer. The upholstery’s color won’t fade if you place your furniture by the window.

Easy To Clean

No one wants to spend a Saturday afternoon scrubbing away a stain. If you’re like most people, you want a material that’s easy to clean and maintain. Linen-like fabric is the perfect choice. 100% linen fabric is not stain resistant, meaning it’s nearly impossible to remove spots. Linen-polyester blends, on the other hand, are much easier to clean and take care of if you have the correct products.


Linen is stiff. The fabric has little to no movement. For this reason, linen-like fabrics are a great option for those who like the look of linen but want something smoother. Linen blends have more movement and won’t stick to skin because they are incredibly breathable.

It’s important to know the four benefits of linen-like upholstery fabric so that you make the right decision while shopping. There are many disadvantages of using 100% linen. Stiffness, fading, and cleaning aren’t issues with linen blends. Moreover, linen-like fabric is smoother. Shop our collection of natural linen upholstery fabric today; you won’t be disappointed.