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How To Properly Clean Chenille Sofa Fabric

How To Properly Clean Chenille Sofa Fabric

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book. The vibe gets even cozier if it’s raining outside. If this scenario sounds perfect, then chenille is the fabric for you. Chenille sofa fabric has yarns with a structure that resembles that of a pile fabric similar to velvet. These pile yarns create dimension and movement and add to the fabric’s overall softness. Now, you might be thinking, “What’s the catch? Is chenille really hard to clean?” Surprisingly, the answer is no! This guide on how to properly clean chenille sofa fabric will prove just how easy it is.

Brush and Vacuum

Don’t worry; we’ll overview what to do when there’s a spot on your chenille sofa fabric. For now, though, let’s discuss preventative measures you can take to keep the material clean. It’s wise to perform the following steps every week:

  1. Use a soft-bristled brush (like a baby’s hairbrush) to get rid of any gunk that has accumulated on the fabric.
  2. Brush softly so that the material doesn’t tear. Go gently to keep the chenille intact.
  3. After brushing, use a vacuum attachment to remove anything else on the sofa. The attachment should remove anything the brush missed.

Carry Out Spot Treatment

You would never have to do a spot treatment in an ideal world. The steps mentioned above would be enough to keep the fabric clean. But alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. Parents, you know this all too well. Juice spills and chocolate smudges aren’t uncommon on family room sofas. So what do you do if this happens to your chenille sofa fabric? You carry out spot treatment!

Spot treatment is when you address a particular area of the fabric to remove a stain. Start by grabbing a cotton cloth and blotting the spot. Don’t rub the area because that’ll cause the stain to spread even further. Blot the stain so that it doesn’t sink into the couch. Generally, you shouldn’t use water when cleaning the fabric. Chenille fabric and water don’t mix well, and you could end up ruining the material if you get it wet.  However, you can use lukewarm water and mild soap to spot clean chenille fabric with a 100-percent polyester composition.

After blotting the spot, use solvent-based fabric cleaner to get rid of the spot more. Ensure the fabric cleaner is solvent-based so that harsh chemicals don’t ruin the material. These fabric cleaners are often available in spray or foam form. If you can, purchase a chenille-specific cleaner to ensure nothing happens to the material. Once you get the right supplies, start spraying the stain. Try your hardest not to dowse the area in cleaner—sometimes more is less! Soak the couch just enough to cover the spot entirely. This process is a safe method to use for all fiber types.

After you’ve covered the area, it’s time to start drying! Whatever you do, don’t rub the cleaner off of the stain. Rather, dab the spot so that it doesn’t spread. You should repeat this and the other steps above until the spot no longer appears on the couch.

Don’t Put the Fabric in the Washing Machine

Yes, spot treatment seems like quite the task. However, it’s a better idea than putting chenille in the machine. Since chenille sofa fabric has those pile yarns, you don’t want to put it in a spin cycle. The material will likely become undone in the wash. You risk damage even by putting it on a low or cold cycle. Furthermore, excess water exposure will cause chenille to shrink. So, if you took the upholstery off some pillows, you may not be able to get them back on after the wash.

If you follow these steps on how to properly clean chenille sofa fabric, then the stain should disappear. Let’s hope you don’t have to put these steps into use too often, though! The remainder of this piece will discuss how to maintain your chenille fabric so that it stays fresh for years to come.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Dyes

One day, you may get the urge to give yourself a pedicure. Do not do this activity on your chenille sofa. Things like nail polish, nail polish remover, and ink may create stains you’ll never be able to get out. Naturally, this also applies to dyes. If you want to change things up, take a look at The Fabric Outlet’s wide selection of upholstery fabric. Reupholster—don’t dye!

Rotate Your Cushions

The final thing you can do to maintain your chenille sofa is rotating the cushions. Flipping the cushions will add to the couch’s comfortability. Also, it’ll prevent the sun from hitting the same spot, causing discoloration. Additionally, those pile yarns are more likely to come undone if there’s excessive wear and tear. Flipping things over will keep the fabric soft and keep those pile ups intact. So get to rotating, people! You’ll feel more comfortable on the sofa, and it’ll look better overall.

Chenille fabric is one of the most popular materials out there. People can’t get enough of those plushy pile-type fabrics that are soft to the touch. It’s a common misconception that these pile-type yarns make the fabric challenging to clean. This article has proven this myth is untrue! If you follow the proper steps, you should have no trouble removing a stain from your sofa. Just remember that water isn’t your friend here! Water will make the material shrink, so you have to get rid of the mindset that it’ll clean up any mess you make. The exception to this is spot cleaning 100-percent polyester fabric, as stated.

How To Properly Clean Chenille Sofa Fabric