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Choosing the Right Curtain Fabric for Your Space

Choosing the Right Curtain Fabric for Your Space

The right curtains can make or break a room’s design. Heavier fabrics can weigh down the space, while something too light may not provide the shade you need. For this reason, you must take shopping for drapes seriously. Follow these tips for choosing the right curtain fabric for your space to ensure you make a wise decision. Neighbors and guests will certainly be jealous of the look you create if you take this advice to heart!

To Let in the Light or Not Let in the Light? That Is the Question.

One thing to consider when you’re choosing drapery for a space is how much natural light you want to let in. Increased exposure to natural light can lead to boosts in productivity and an improved mood. Also, more natural light exposure can result in increased levels of vitamin D. As a result, you may want to purchase thinner curtains that let in more light than others. Cotton upholstery fabric is perfect if you want light throughout the home; it’s thin, and it will give you the light you want.

However, a lot of natural light isn’t always a good thing. Too much light shining through the windows can resting and relaxing a challenge. Moreover, concentrating on work is harder when there’s too much light in your work area. Given these points, you really have to ponder how much natural light you want in the house; the answer will determine which kind of drapery you buy.

Say Goodbye to Nosy Neighbors

So many people are concerned with privacy these days. After all, no one wants their neighbors to see everything they’re doing in their living rooms. So another tip for choosing the right curtain fabric for your space is to consider privacy. Thicker materials such as boucle upholstery fabric will provide more privacy than others. Boucle has pileups that create a unique, thick texture that doesn’t exist in any other fabric. Boucle will certainly make it difficult for people to peek in on you and see what you’re doing.

What’s That Noise?

Perhaps you want to use curtains to cut out noise from the outdoors. Soundproof drapery can be very expensive, so it might be better to find a thicker fabric that can eliminate the noise. Tightly woven fabrics are perfect for the task because they’re thick and heavy. To get the most out of a tightly woven fabric, make sure to hang it the entire length of the window. The longer the curtain is, the less noise will enter the space.

Let’s Talk About Length

Another important factor to consider when you’re choosing the right curtain fabric for your space is the length. The right length of your curtains can make or break the design of a room. You have several different style options:

  • Tier-length: In this style, the drapery covers only a small section of the window.
  • Apron-length: The curtains hang just below the window.
  • Floor-length: Here, the curtains fall to the floor.
  • Puddle-length: The drapery puddles onto the floor.

What length you want to go with is really up to you. Some people don’t want the entire window covered because it looks heavier. However, others prefer it this way for increased privacy and noise reduction. Try hanging your curtains at two different lengths to figure out which one suits the room best.

Hardware and Finishing Touches

Once you get the right curtain fabric, it’s vital to consider hardware. After all, you need something to hold the drapery up! Now, getting the correct hardware will depend on what length you want the curtains to be. For example, floor- or puddle-length curtains need strong rods and hardware to visually outweigh the heaviness of the curtains. Additionally, you’ll need bulkier hardware to physically hold up the drapery itself.

You don’t necessarily need such intense finishes if you want tier- or apron-length drapery. Since the curtains won’t fall to the floor, there’s no need to have something incredibly heavy holding them up. Actually, bulkier hardware may look a little disjointed with lighter curtains. Of course, you want to ensure that the finishes match the overall design of the room as well.

Matching the Overall Look

The final consideration when you’re choosing curtain fabric is whether it will match the overall look of the room. Luckily, The Fabric Outlet has several designs for you to choose from. We have traditional Japanese patterns and plain swatches that’ll certainly help you create whatever look you’re trying to achieve. A pro tip is to try and use the curtains as a design statement. Perhaps the walls are all one solid color; in this case, you can implement patterns through the curtains. In addition, drapery is a great tool to add texture to a space, and it can draw the eye upward in a horizontal space.

Who knew that selecting curtains was such an involved process? Here, we’ve shown that there are multiple factors to keep in mind while you’re shopping. If you don’t think about the fabric thickness and your desired exposure to natural light, you could end up having a brighter space than you want. Additionally, remembering that you can use drapery as a privacy tool and for noise reduction is vital.

When you consider all of these elements (and more), the shopping process may seem even more intense. Don’t worry, though! The Fabric Outlet has everything you need to simplify shopping. We have multiple patterns that’ll fit any design you want. The different materials we carry can serve different purposes as well. For example, our boucle upholstery fabric by the yard acts is great for people who want extra privacy and less light in their households. Conversely, our cotton upholstery fabric will let in the light and make a room seem brighter and lighter.

So take a look at our impressive selection today. We’re dedicated to helping our customers create the designs of their dreams—designs that guests will be envious of every time they visit. We should also mention that our materials have supreme cleanability and that our prices are hard to resist!

Choosing the Right Curtain Fabric for Your Space