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6 Ways To Use Velvet Fabric in Your Home

6 Ways To Use Velvet Fabric in Your Home

Velvet is a luxe material that can make your home feel like a regal palace. If you want to use this upscale and versatile fabric in your home, here are six ways to use velvet for creative decor.

As Pillows

If you want to use velvet in your home but would prefer to start small, pillows are a great option. Pillows are small, easy to wrap in velvet, and very versatile. You can use them all around the home, including in the bedroom and living room.

As Blankets

If you're making throw pillows, you might as well make a few throw blankets to match! Velvet blankets are perfect for brisk fall days and long winter evenings. They're soft, heavy, warm, and comforting. It'll be hard not to fall asleep when you have one of these on your lap!

As Cushions

Another way to use velvet fabric in your home is to craft it into cushions. Velvet is an excellent material for chair, sofa, and even floor cushions! This is a more subtle way to introduce this glamorous material to your home. The shiny fabric will stand out without being too overbearing.

As Sofa Upholstery

You can also use velvet to upholster a sofa or sectional. Velvet looks lovely and will brighten up any room thanks to its lustrous sheen. It's also a durable fabric that's pet owner- and parent-approved. It's scratch-proof and, contrary to popular belief, is perfectly cleanable. Velvet used to be made from hard-to-clean silk, but today, it's made from easily washable synthetics such as polyester—making it a timeless, long-lasting option for your furniture.

As a Headboard

A soft, velvety headboard is just what you need at the end of a long day. Hop in bed and lean your head against this plush material for maximum comfort.

As Curtains

Heavy, shimmering velvet is often used to make curtains. Because it's thick, it provides plenty of privacy and can also block out light. It also has a commanding presence that's sure to grab attention from across the room.

If you need top-quality velvet drapery fabric for your next curtain-making project, pick some up at the Fabric Outlet. Our velvet knit fabric is the ideal material for curtains because its thickness can help to create privacy, and it has a glimmery sheen that will stand out on your walls. Shop our various knits and colors today!