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5 Creative Ways To Make Your Windows Stand Out

5 Creative Ways To Make Your Windows Stand Out

The windows are the soul of your home. They connect the inside to the outside and offer a peek into your way of life. To help you make this crucial part of the home look as salient as it is, here are five creative ways to make your windows stand out.

A Cozy Window Treatment

A window treatment can bring privacy and beauty into your space. Using soft, moderately thick drapery fabric like cotton will provide the ideal blend of light and privacy and can make your room feel warm and full of character.

A Window Film

If hanging curtains sounds like too much work, a less labor-intensive alternative is to use film. Window film is a thin laminate sheet you press onto your windows like a sticker. Films are usually semi-transparent and feature a pattern, making them great for both privacy and decoration.

A Sill Display

Another creative way to make your windows stand out is with an attention-grabbing display. If your windowsills are spacious enough, you can set up vignettes featuring candles, pictures, vases, and other attractive trinkets. Adding clutter to the sill makes it seem livelier and imbues it with personality.

A New Coat of Paint

In some cases, all you need to freshen up your windows is a new coat of paint. Whether you want to stick to a neutral color or try something bold, a new coat will make your windows look cleaner and more visually arresting.

Flower Boxes

Pretty, vibrant flowers can instantly make a room merrier! Attaching a flower box to the interior or exterior of your window allows you to view your favorite flowers and (if your box is outside) the bees, butterflies, and other friendly critters they attract all day long.

If you want to craft a cozy window treatment for your home, the Fabric Outlet has the top-quality cotton drapery fabric you need to do so. Come check out our wide assortment of colors and patterns to find the perfect match for you and your windows.