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5 Common Misconceptions About Linen Fabric

5 Common Misconceptions About Linen Fabric

Linen is a commonly misunderstood material. But don’t let the rumors fool you; when you look at reality, this natural fabric makes an excellent choice for upholstery. Below, we debunk five common misconceptions about linen fabric.

It Wrinkles Too Easily

True, linen wrinkles easily. But linen’s curves and creases are part of its natural, rustic, lived-in charm. And if you’re not a fan, you can iron linen while damp to mellow out its wrinkles.

It’s Hard To Clean

One common misconception about linen fabric is that it’s hard to clean. But this is far from the case! You can toss linen slipcovers directly in the wash, or you can hand wash your linen using a handheld vacuum or a damp, soapy cloth.

It Feels Stiff

Linen’s look is deceiving; to many people, it looks stiff and scratchy, so they assume it will feel the same way. Cheap linen may not feel pleasant, and brand-new linen can feel stiff, too. But linen isn’t as stiff as you’d think, and it gets softer as it ages. Once worn in, you’ll love the way it feels!

It Fades Quickly

It’s true that heavily dyed linen typically loses some of its color during the first wash and that linen fades in the sun. But so long as you purchase high-quality linen and don’t leave it damp or out in the sun for hours, its color will hold up perfectly fine.

It Looks Boring

A lot of the pictures you see of linen online are of plainly colored, zero-patterned linen, which can make the fabric seem drab and boring. But those pictures aren’t representative of linen; linen comes in a wide array of colors and even patterns, giving it just as much personality and versatility as comparable textiles.

As you can see, linen is a much softer, stronger material than we make it out to be! If you want to use linen in your next home project, shop the Fabric Outlet’s selection of high-quality linen drapery fabric today. Our linens are available in an array of calming neutrals that will complement any interior.