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3 Advantages of Using Chenille Fabric for Upholstery

3 Advantages of Using Chenille Fabric for Upholstery

Soft, luxurious, and romantic chenille fabric has become a popular choice for upholstering home furniture. If you’re considering using chenille for your next endeavor, reading through these benefits of using chenille fabric for upholstery can help you decide.

What’s Chenille?

Chenille is a woven fabric that has a fuzzy appearance like a caterpillar—which is why its name is the French word for this soft little bug. Both comfortable and posh, chenille is cherished by homeowners all over the globe. While it’s a bit of a fussy and demanding fabric, those who are willing to put in the work get to reap all of chenille’s rewards. Speaking of the benefits of using chenille fabric for upholstery, here are just a few:

Super Soft

Chenille yarn is commonly made from natural materials like cotton and wool. The resulting fabric is super soft and fuzzy to the touch. You’ll want to spend all day lounging on your chenille upholstery—it’s that comfy!

A Luxurious Sheen

Chenille has a tufted, velvety texture that looks both cozy and lived-in and luxurious at the same time. Because of its versatile and inviting yet regal appearance, you can use it in a wide range of upholstery projects.

Thick & Durable

Chenille is absorbent and hard to clean; we won’t deny that. But so long as you keep it away from moisture, this fabric is remarkably durable. It’s thick, abrasion resistant, and retains its shape. It also absorbs and retains heat, which keeps it nice, warm, and cozy.

If you need chenille fabric by the yard for your next upholstery project, look no further! At the Fabric Outlet, we have over a dozen types of chenille and hundreds of fun and vibrant colors to choose from. With so many amazing choices, finding the perfect fabric has never been easier, so browse until you find yours today.